CihazOur company, biomedical, electronics lab, medical hospital infrastructure, project planning, plant maintenance of industrial electronic equipment repair, purchase of medical supplies and equipment, medical systems, installation, periodic maintenance of the hospital medical devices, medical technical services, calibration services, consulting and so on. on many issues, institutional and professional infrastructure, and permanent solutions to all of Turkey with its expert staff.


tıbbi cihazlarTechnical Services : Technical services department is an expert on medical devices and electronic systems. Turkey Our company is a multi-hospital, medical and factory technical service support for companies, regardless of the model of a multi-device provides.Technical our service maintenance repair repair devices, calibration maintenance agreements with done. Periodic hospitals and factories are producing more cost-effective guaranteed solutions.


Medikal teknik servisCalibration : Calibration in our laboratory, particularly in the biomedical calibration temperature calibration, pressure calibration, balance calibration, electrical calibration services, especially medical are given. Our company calibration (the calibration of medical devices) that serves Turkey's leading hospitals. Temperature, the calibration of scales on briefly in many factories and industrial calibration serves the market.


Device &amp : Accessories: Our company sells medical devices, spare parts and accessories. The hospital and medical device companies in sales of corporate medical services. Temperature probes, ECG cables and adapters Search (3lead, 5lead, 10lead), NST probes, SpO2 cables, intermediate cables, puarları EKG, EKG pegs, reusable and disposable probes, blood pressure, sleeves and so on. sells many accessories.


danışmanlık Consulting : Consulting department, hospitals, biomedical departments installation, operation, training of biomedical staff, hospital infrastructure, the calibration laboratory set-up, purchase and installation of medical equipment, technical staffing, professional solutions to the installation of electronic infrastructure manufactures. Our business biomedical and electronics, thus importance of our work and strive to advance the right of way of our giving.



Calibration training : Calibration calibration of biomedical education department of education, general education provides services for metrology and calibration.Our company is a multi-university in Turkey, the calibration lab, calibration training of medical personnel of the company and the hospital has.


January 3 2011 Technical service department of calibration sources (calibrator), test and measurement instruments of repairs.

08-10 September 2010 in our company for biomedical technicians and biomedical engineers are given by

August 01 2010 Applied Biomedical Calibration Education contracted hospitals of medical equipment maintenance agreements, spare parts and accessory sales service has started.

June 13 2010 our company, biomedical technicians, hospital biomedical engineers and medical Calibration training was provided by principals.

April 30 2010 Turklab Tse Tse, and with the support of Turkak toplatısına calibration labs participated in the Conference Hall of Cayirova.

February 27, 2010 in our company responsible officers of the hospital biomedical technical service and training was provided by the Medical Device Calibration.

December 30 2009 Kocaeli University, Biomedical Equipment Technology Biomedical Calibration Basic training was provided by students.

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