Accuracy under specified conditions by using a known reference standard of measurement or accuracy of the measurement system, called the other a standard or test / measurement instruments or measurement of the accuracy of the system, identify and report deviations from admission process is called calibration.


The benefits of the calibration

The accuracy of all measurements made in the company is assured.

Production quality is raised to the desired level.

Differences arising from the production stages are eliminated.

Products is guaranteed to be compatible with other company products.

Compliance with international standards, provided the manufactured product.

Gains an unfair advantage or unfair benefit to the customer ensuring the customer is prevented.

 Increases the possibility of competition.

Compliance with the advanced technology provided.

All people can make purchases in the comfort of complacency.

Patients reach the correct diagnosis and treatment.

Measuring devices in general can do wrong in our society, people are always ignored. Be running when the devices is seen as sufficient to fulfill the functions of the devices sent to service, repair ettirilmesi as sufficient in the case of, let alone been repairing appliances, a new calibration must be done even bilinilmemektedir devices. Even the repair process is perceived as the calibration calibration, under specified conditions, the accuracy of the test and the other using a known measurement standard or system of measuring the accuracy of the measurement device, a series of deviations of measurements used for the identification and documentation process.

Calibration consciousness formed corporation, because they know better the importance of calibration, incorrect measurement of a device that adversely affect the diagnostic process is difficult due to the return of health, such as what it would cost in an industry they know precisely the point of acting for the calibration Remodeling. Quality organizations that are beginning to work, all the institutions in this study is a part of the consciousness of the calibration.

First of all instrument devices, determining the frequency of periodic maintenance time and calibration time, using the physical environment, humidity, wind, temperature, dust, damage to the device of the user's device maintenance accuracy the number of users affects this time.

The dynamics of today's developing world can compete with a quality level of product service and catch up on behalf of institutions is of vital importance to provide continuity. Erroneous measurements in service costs and service quality is higher than oranlanınca also affects the cost of calibration. Measuring the reliability of diagnoses of diseases in health services provided to be agreed, implemented as a result of this treatment is provided to give the best results. And decision making at critical points to ensure the accuracy of measurement devices used to determine the limit-outs are needed on behalf of the calibration.

As a result, regardless of whatever type of calibration of all measuring devices should be sent at certain intervals, and the uncertainties of the detected deviation should be used with good care. This will both reduce production costs and product quality needed to increase.

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