One of the important features that characterize our age technologies are quickly developed. High-technology known as dense as these technologies in space research, defense industry and are used in the medical field. Biomedical in hospitals (Medical Electronics) General Scope of services mentioned above, that is to be efficient and effective service to produce insights motion hospitals, medical technology, as well as other factors of production can be an efficient and effective kullanılabilmesiyle.

Efficient and effective use of these devices is no longer a separate electro-mechanical engineering with specialization and intermediate cross-section of the medical profession has become possible to make biomedical engineering services. The provision of such services be referred to the following procedures:

1. The hospital unit or service to create its own biomedical engineering,

2 Biomedical engineering services to commercial organizations from outside the service purchase,

3 The hospital is also common in biomedical engineering and an independent institution serving more than one hospital purchasing of services,

4 The non-profit, property owned by public institutions, the establishment of a unit which can accommodate more than one hospital,

a) the services of various alternatives before the acquisition of new equipment use, technical specifications, safety and cost-examine, prepare technical specifications, bids evaluation, facility needs for new device determine.

b) purchase of a new device from new services during the medical examination of all the devices to make preliminary and final acceptance, convention, and ensure that the installation of the devices according to specification, quality assurance of biomedical devices, permit the user to follow up on issues such as national and international standards and legislation.

c) maintenance and repair services to make an inventory of existing equipment, spare parts and materials to ensure that existing devices to be found actively manage inventories, intensive care and emergency services 24 hours a day to provide needed technical services, equipment producing companies, regular and continuous communication with sellers or their representatives To ensure faulty or defective equipment is repaired at the scene outside the hospital or to let the repair, Devices for manuals, brochures, prospectus to provide such documents and archiving, because of increased use, the removal of the devices have become outmoded or repaired masraflarındaki to decide.

d) Preventive maintenance and calibration services, control and examination of the devices on a regular basis to develop programs, periodic maintenance, calibration, and records of inspections and ensure that the execution of the plan.



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The calibration procedure, calibration procedures, failure notification form, the calibration is not included in the label, the device is down, as a result of calibration, the calibration measurement, calibration services

The calibration procedure, calibration procedures, failure notification form, the calibration is not included in the label, the device is down




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